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KM RCModel

Universal AfterBurner (Single Motor) Special Edition

Universal AfterBurner (Single Motor) Special Edition

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Key Features:

Note: This is a special edition of our V1 Universal AfterBurner. It shares the same feature as our V1 burner.(With orange color only)

It does not have easy connectors on the control board. It is now offered at a lower price. You could add your own connector for a more accessible feed through the fuselage.

Universal fit to all EDF inrunner motors on the market. Will fit any inrunner motor with cooling holes in the back. 70mm 80mm 90mm EDFs.

Super Light weight. Only 20g. Provides the best performance for your jet!

Clearance Sale. $45.99 Now only $24.99. Get free shipping when you spend $95 or more!

Small foot print. Does not block thrust or heat dissipation.

Easy installation. Hold on with just 2 zip ties. Connectors on the control unit. Easy feed through fuselage.

Optimized control unit. Powered by balance lead. Easy throttle calibration just like an ESC. No interference with the receiver, ESC, etc.

For Single Inrunner Motor EDF jet.

Note: The current version KM RC Model Universal AfterBurner is not compatible with thrust-reversing ESCs when connected via a Y harness.

Note: The current version KM RC Model Universal AfterBurner is designed to use with 6s single battery circuit. If you would like to our unit for batteries in a series. Please make sure you only connect the balance lead to battery A as shown below.

RC planes in the photo not included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this fit my RC jet?

Our Universal Burners are designed to fit Inrunner Motors. Will fit most Inrunner motor on the market. E-flite, FMS, Freewing, etc. Some trim of foam might be needed for single motor jet with dual exhausts. Like the FMS Rafale. See a list of campatiable Jets here.

How do I install the burner?

You can check out our instruction page here. Videos included.

Why my burners won't light up?

Each burner unit needs to be calibrated just like and ESC. Please follow the Calibration instruction here.

Plug in the receiver/jet prior to plug in the balance lead of the burner. Double-check if the throttle trim is zeroed.

Will my burner work with Smart ESC and Thrust reverse?

The answer is yes & no.

Yes, you can use our Universal Afterburner with a Smart ESC (Avian Smart ESC e.g.).
However, when connecting the unit and a Smart ESC together on the same channel via a Y-harness, you'll have to calibrate the unit on a separate channel first. This is because signals from a Smart ESC will not allow for proper calibration of the burner unit. When you finish calibrating it, you can connect both of them into a Y-harness for normal operation. Additionally, ensure that you connect the ESC to the battery first, then the balance lead afterward, otherwise calibration may be required because of the serial data coming from the smart ESC.

Unfortunately, when plugged into a Y-harness, current version of Universal AfterBurner does not support thrust reverse.

A simple solution is to connect the unit to a separate unused channel and mix the throttle channel to the channel being used for it. This would solve all the problems above.